Method and system for the police response dispatch protocol of an emergency dispatch system

  • US 7,436,937 B2
  • Filed: 09/25/2002
  • Issued: 10/14/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/26/2001
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1. A method for managing the process of dispatching police in response to calls for assistance, comprising the steps of:

  • providing instructions to a police dispatcher, including instructions to inquire for specific information, receive said specific information and to use said specific information in said method to determine a determinate value;

    receiving a call from a caller for police assistance;

    determining whether the caller is in danger;

    diverting the caller to pre-scripted critical caller instructions if said determining of danger is positive, said pre-scripted critical caller instructions comprising,determining if it is possible for the caller to safely relocate to a safer location,instructing the caller to relocate if said determining of safe relocation is positive, wherein said relocation instructions comprise instructing the caller to terminate the call if the call may not be continued during caller relocation, andproviding the caller with instructions to allow the caller to communicate safely;

    instructing the caller while determining the type of call;

    a pre-scripted interrogation automatically assigning one of a plurality of pre-established determinate values to said call based on a description of a problem for which the caller is requesting police assistance, wherein said assigned determinate value indicates the criticality of the call, and wherein said pre-scripted interrogation automatically assigns said determinate value byproviding to a police dispatcher a plurality of pre-scripted inquiries for specific information to obtain a description of said problem, wherein said pre-scripted inquiries are ordered to guide said pre-scripted interrogation to systematically obtain said description of said problem and to traverse a path along a logical tree based on responses to said pre-scripted inquiries, and wherein said path along said logical tree ends at an appropriate pre-established determinate value,instructing said dispatcher to interrogate said caller using said plurality of pre-scripted inquiries,receiving from said dispatcher the caller responses to said pre-scripted inquiries, andusing said caller responses to traverse said logical tree and thereby assign said appropriate pre-established determinate value; and

    dispatching police assistance based on said determinate value.

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