Microprocessors, devices and methods for use in analyte monitoring systems

  • US 7,519,478 B2
  • Filed: 11/09/2005
  • Issued: 04/14/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/22/2002
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1. A method of obtaining an analyte value in biological fluid of a user with an analyte sensor having two electrode sets coupled to a microprocessor, the method comprising:

  • contacting the two electrode sets with biological fluid of a user, in which each electrode set includes an iontophoretic electrode and an electrochemical sensor element in contact with the biological fluid and each of the two iontophoretic electrodes function as either a cathode or anode while in contact with the fluid;

    measuring a current signal at each of the anode and cathode;

    measuring a current signal related to the analyte from the sensor element associated with a cathode at each half-measurement cycle;

    determining, via the microprocessor a baseline current signal for a given sensor in which the iontophoretic electrode functions as a cathode based on the last two data points of the current signals from the given sensor in a previous half-cycle in which the given sensor is associated with an anode;

    subtracting, via the microprocessor, the background baseline current from the current signal related to the analyte;

    integrating, via the microprocessor, the current signal related to the analyte over time;

    upon over subtraction of the current signal related to the analyte, stopping, via the microprocessor, the integrating of the current signal related to the analyte when the maximum integral is reached;

    correlating the maximum integral of the current signal related to the analyte as being proportional to the analyte value; and

    displaying, via the microprocessor, the analyte value of the biological fluid of the user for diagnostic purposes.

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