Method to control the distribution of the starch sugar's molecular weight in oligosaccharides production

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  • Filed: 01/14/2005
  • Issued: 09/01/2009
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1. A method to control the distribution of the starch sugar'"'"'s molecular weight in oligosaccharides production, the method comprising:

  • based on weight percentage, blending 1 part dried starch with 2 to 4 parts water to get a starch slurry;

    mixing the starch slurry with 0.01%-0.03% of CaCl2 (w/w) based on dried starch;

    adjusting the pH of the starch slurry to 5-7;

    based on weight percentage of dried starch, adding 0.03%-0.08% of heat resistant α

    -amylases to the starch slurry;

    stirring the starch slurry until it becomes a homogeneous mixture;

    liquefying the homogeneous mixture by passing the homogeneous mixture through a jet liquefier at a temperature of between 100°

    C. and 130°

    C. to form a liquefied starch liquid;

    transferring the liquid from the jet liquefier to a Laminar-flow tank;

    controlling the DE value at 8-12 while holding the liquid in the Laminar-flow tank at a temperature of between 100°

    C. and 130°

    C. for 20 to 60 minutes; and

    terminating the activity of said α

    -amylases once an analysis of an iodine-color reaction indicates the liquid has a glucose content of between 11.4% and 12.2% and a G3 to G5 content of 70% as indicated by a color of reaction of resultant in enzymatic hydrolysis of starch with iodine chemical.

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