Musical water tank

  • US 7,617,624 B1
  • Filed: 12/03/2008
  • Issued: 11/17/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/03/2008
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1. A musical water tank, comprising:

  • a hollow and transparent tank filled with at least a fluid, said tank having a bottom opening;

    a nozzle member having an internal chamber and a plurality of nozzles pointing upwards and connected to said internal chamber;

    a washer;

    a partitioning platform sealing said bottom opening of said tank with said ring washer and supporting said nozzle member inside said tank, said partitioning platform having physically insulated top and bottom halves;

    a hollow base supporting said partitioning platform and said tank, said base containing a control circuit board, a light generation element, and a speaker inside, said light generation element and said speaker connected to and controlled by said control circuit board to provide audio and visual effects;

    a driving member in said bottom half of said partitioning platform, said driving member having a motor connected to and controlled by said control circuit board and a first coupling disc perpendicularly at a front end of an axle of said motor; and

    a pump member in said top half of said partitioning platform having an axle perpendicularly threading through a vane wheel, a driving gear, and a second coupling disc from front to back;

    said axle of said pump member aligned with said axle of said motor so that said second and first coupling discs are adjacent to each other, said vane wheel housed in a tubular shell having a tangential outlet pipe extending upward into said internal chamber of said nozzle member;

    wherein said first and second coupling discs'"'"' interfacing sides have a plurality of magnetically elements of reversed polarities, respectively, so that, when said first coupling disc is turned by said motor, said second coupling disc is turned as well by magnetic force between said magnetic elements;

    said axle of said pump motor is turned along with said second coupling disc which in turn drives said vane wheel to spin; and

    said spinning vane wheel drives a heavier fluid upward into said internal chamber of said nozzle member through said outlet pipe and then to eject out of said nozzles into said tank to create streams and bubbles.

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