Network combining wired and non-wired segments

  • US 7,633,966 B2
  • Filed: 05/13/2005
  • Issued: 12/15/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/19/2000
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1. A module for coupling a wired digital data signal to a wireless data unit, for use with an existing electrical telephone distribution infrastructure in a building, the infrastructure having a telephone wire pair carrying a telephone signal and a wall-mounted telephone outlet connected to the telephone wire pair, the telephone wire pair concurrently carrying the wired digital data signal and the telephone signal using frequency division multiplexing, wherein the wired digital data signal is carried over a high frequency band and the telephone signal is carried over a low frequency band, said module comprising:

  • a telephone connector that is electrically and mechanically connectable to the telephone outlet for connecting to the telephone wire pair;

    a high pass filter coupled to said telephone connector for passing only the wired digital data signal;

    a telephone modem coupled to the high pass filter and operative for bi-directional packet-based digital data communication of the wired digital data signal over the telephone wire pair using a wired digital data protocol;

    a radio frequency modem operative for conducting standard-based bi-directional packet-based digital data communication of a wireless digital data signal using a wireless digital data protocol;

    a packet-based digital protocol adapter consisting of one of a bridge, a router and a gateway, coupled between said telephone modem and said radio-frequency modem for converting data between the wireless digital data protocol and the wired digital data protocol; and

    a single enclosure containing said telephone connector, said high pass filter, said telephone modem, said radio frequency modem and said protocol adapter.

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