Optical processing

  • US 7,664,395 B2
  • Filed: 09/01/2006
  • Issued: 02/16/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/03/2001
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. An optical routing module having at least one input and at least one output and operable to select between the outputs, the or each input receiving a respective light beam having an ensemble of different channels, the module comprising:

  • a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) having a two dimensional array of pixels,a dispersion device disposed to receive light from said at least one input and constructed and arranged to disperse light beams of different frequencies in different directions whereby different channels of said ensemble are incident upon respective different groups of the pixels of the SLM, andcircuitry constructed and arranged to display holograms on the SLM to determine the channels at respective outputs.

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