Systems and vessels for producing hydrocarbons and/or water, and methods for same

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  • Filed: 12/03/2007
  • Issued: 07/06/2010
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1. A system for producing hydrocarbons from wind energy, water, and air comprising:

  • a power system for producing, storing, and distributing power, the power system including;

    a wind turbine for harnessing the wind energy, the wind turbine having a rotatable shaft and one or more rotor blades connected to the rotatable shaft,an electrical generator mechanically coupled with the rotatable shaft for producing power when wind contacts the one or more rotor blades causing the rotatable shaft to rotate thereby producing power, anda power storage and regulation element, for regulating and storing the power produced by the generator;

    a water purifier, the water purifier including;

    a conduit comprising a first rim defining a first opening, and second rim defining a second opening, and at least one conduit wall extending from the first rim to an elevation that is higher than the phase change elevation of water to the second rim, thereby allowing water vapor to separate from the water and travel to the second opening of the conduit when a vacuum is applied to the conduit, anda vacuum device for applying a vacuum,wherein the first opening of the conduit is submerged in the water, the vacuum device is in communication with the second opening exerting a vacuum sufficient to reduce the pressure inside the conduit to the vapor pressure of the water thereby raising the water in the conduit to a phase change elevation where the water changes state from liquid to vapor, allowing the water vapor to be pulled through the vacuum pump and discharged a collection container, to collect condensate;

    a hydrocarbon processor, the hydrocarbon processor including;

    a carbon dioxide interface for introducing carbon dioxide to the hydrocarbon processor,an electrolyzer adapted to receive power produced by the generator, and further adapted to convert water, via electrolysis, into hydrogen and oxygen, and provide a hydrogen effluent stream of hydrogen,a reverse water gas shift (RWGS) reactor adapted to receive the hydrogen effluent stream from the electrolyzer and a carbon dioxide stream containing carbon dioxide for converting the carbon dioxide and hydrogen, in the presence of a catalyst, into a RWGS effluent stream comprising carbon monoxide and water, andan ethanation reactor adapted to receive and convert the RWGS effluent stream, in the presence of a catalyst, into the hydrocarbon product; and

    a control system for regulating and monitoring the power system and the hydrocarbon processor.

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