Wireless location using multiple mobile station location techniques

  • US 7,764,231 B1
  • Filed: 09/08/1997
  • Issued: 07/27/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/09/1996
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1. A method for locating each terrestrial mobile station of a plurality of terrestrial mobile stations, M, wherein said method uses wireless signal measurements obtained from one or more transmissions between said terrestrial mobile station M and one or more of a plurality of terrestrial communication stations, each terrestrial communication capable of at least one of:

  • wirelessly detecting said terrestrial mobile station M, and wirelessly being detected by said terrestrial mobile stations M, comprising;

    for each of the mobile stations M perform the following steps by computational machinery;

    receiving first and second location related information, respectively, from computational machinery performing first and second mobile station location estimation determiners, wherein said location estimation determiners provide different geographical indications of an unknown location of said mobile station M when said location estimation determiners are supplied with corresponding input data obtained using wireless signal measurements obtained by transmissions between said mobile station M and the communication stations;

    wherein, when available, the first location related information includes at least a first geographical indication for a location of the mobile station M;

    wherein, when available, the second location related information includes at least a second geographical indication for the location of the mobile station M;

    wherein for locating the mobile station M in at least one location, said second geographical indication for M is obtained and is dependent upon a delay time of a signal from at least one non-terrestrial wireless transmitter, not supported on the Earth'"'"'s surface, to M for determining a spatial range for M; and

    outputting a resulting location estimate of the mobile station M, a determination of said resulting location estimate is dependent upon at least one of (a) and (b) following;

    (a) a first value obtained from said first location related information, and (b) a second value obtained from said second location related information.

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