Mobile radiography system and grid alignment

  • US 7,798,710 B1
  • Filed: 08/31/2009
  • Issued: 09/21/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/07/2006
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1. A mobile radiographic system, the system comprising:

  • a. an x-ray source assembly, said x-ray source assembly comprising an x-ray tube housing having an x-ray source with a focal spot, a tube housing mounting adjustably supporting said x-ray tube housing, said x-ray tube housing adjustably mounted to an adjustable support and an x-ray collimator adjustably coupled to the x-ray tube housing, said x-ray source assembly being adjustable with regard to at least one degree of freedom allowing the x-ray tube housing to be moved to a desired location and orientation with respect to an anti-scatter grid;

    b. said anti-scatter grid not being in a fixed position and orientation relative to the x-ray tube housing;

    c. a measuring system, said measuring system comprising a positional encoder for at least one of said degrees of freedom and a detector for acquiring position and orientation information of the anti-scatter grid relative to a fixed point on the mobile radiographic system;

    d. a manual motion control system to direct the movement of at least three of said degrees of freedom, said motion control system comprising a drive element for at least one of said degrees of freedom and a directing element;

    e. a processor in communication with said detector, said encoder and said directing element, the processor determining the desired value of the at least one degree of freedom so that the x-ray tube housing will be in a state of alignment, the processor not being in communication with the drive element, wherein an operator sequentially adjusts groups of degrees of freedom, adjusting in parallel the degrees of freedom within each group, where each degree of freedom is manually adjusted by the operator as directed by the directing element.

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