Interactive sports-themed game

  • US 7,909,332 B2
  • Filed: 04/30/2008
  • Issued: 03/22/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/02/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. An interactive baseball-themed game that is played along with a live sporting event, the sports-themed game comprising:

  • a scorekeeping user interface comprised of a writable medium, the scorekeeping user interface comprising an information area for recording scores for a home player and a visitor player, and an information area for recording innings and outs;

    a printed list displaying a plurality of possible outcomes and an associated point value for each of the possible outcomes, for a play of the live sporting event, wherein the printed list is disposed on the writable medium;

    wherein the plurality of possible outcomes is ranked according to probability of occurrence during a live baseball game such that higher point values are associated with outcomes having a lower probability of occurrence;

    whereby a player is awarded the associated point value upon correctly predicting one of the possible outcomes on the printed list, and records the awarded points on the scorekeeping user interface.

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