LED night light with projection feature

  • US 8,128,274 B2
  • Filed: 10/19/2010
  • Issued: 03/06/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/30/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A night light with projection features, comprising:

  • at least one LED arranged as a light source to supply visible light beams;

    at least one optics means for projecting an image on a desired surface, said optics means selected from the group consisting of an optics lens, a concave or convex lens, a telescope means, a film, openings, a display unit, a changeable LCD display unit, a changeable image unit, cut outs, a transparent material, a translucent material, grating means, and hologram means, said image being formed by light from said at least one LED passing through transparent areas, openings, cut outs, grating means, or hologram means, said image being selected from the group consisting of a message, data, a logo, a time, a moving image, an automatically changing image, a cartoon, a motion picture, and any other image desired to be projected on said desired surface, and said desired surface selected from the group consisting of a ceiling, a wall, a floor, and any other surface; and

    at least one power source, circuit means, and trigger means arranged to cause said at least one LED to exhibit desired light functions, timing, colors, brightness, and illumination,the improvement wherein;

    said night light includes both a night light for illumination in a dark environment and a projection image light combined in one unit with a power source selected from the group consisting of batteries, an adaptor, a transformer, electric wires with a plug to an outlet, USB power, an adaptor with a jack, a solar power source, a chemical power source, a wind power source, and any other direct current power source or energy storage device, andsaid projection image light had additional angle, position, or orientation adjustment features that enable adjustment of the projection image light in any of three dimensions to cause the image to be projected to a desired position.

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