Drill bit and method for producing a drill bit

  • US 8,172,845 B2
  • Filed: 10/01/2008
  • Issued: 05/08/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/08/2002
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. An orthopedic drill bit comprising:

  • a cylindrical shaft and a drill tip, said drill tip comprising;

    a pyramidal shaped end having a plurality of cutting edges, said pyramidal shaped end having(a) a distal portion comprising a plurality of faces defining said cutting edges, said faces meeting at a common point and defining a drill end point located on the longitudinal axis of said shaft; and

    (b) a proximal portion having said cutting edges extending therealong;

    a plurality of recesses for directing away debris produced while drilling, each said recess having two portions;

    (1) a first recess portion extending along said shaft, said first recess portion extending adjacent said proximal portion and intersecting one of said cutting edges of said plurality of cutting edges to terminate said one of said cutting edges at a point spaced within the outer periphery of said shaft, said first recess portion providing a leading edge disposed at a negative cutting angle to the cutting surface at said outer periphery; and

    (2) a second recess portion formed in said proximal portion of said pyramidal shaped end, said second recess portion extending toward another cutting edge of said plurality of cutting edges of said pyramidal shaped end.

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