Cooler with ground heated plane and grinding method and apparatus thereof

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  • Filed: 06/10/2009
  • Issued: 08/07/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/02/2009
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1. A method for grinding heated plane of cooler, including:

  • (a) providing a grinder having a grinding plate and a fixture, wherein the fixture corresponds to the grinding plate and has a disk configuration, a circumference of the fixture projects out a plurality of pressure plates, and a bottom portion of each pressure plate is arranged a pointed bulge;

    (b) providing a cooler having a heated plane, and arranging the cooler to each pressure plate of the fixture, wherein the cooler includes a thermally conductive seat, at least one heat pipe and a plurality of cooling fins, the thermally conductive seat is arranged at least one slot for insetting a flat evaporation section of the heat pipe, when a surface of the flat evaporation section is higher than a bottom plane of the thermally conductive seat, the flat evaporation section is the heated plane, and when the surface of the flat evaporation section is flush with the bottom plane of the thermally conductive seat, the heated plane then includes the flat evaporation section and the bottom plane, and a condensation section of the heat pipe passes through the cooling fins, so that when a top portion of the thermally conductive seat is pressed and clamped by the pointed bulge, the heated plane is abutted against the grinding plate and is arranged correspondingly, thereby, the fixture pressing and clamping the cooler via a point contact manner;

    (c) injecting an abrasive into a gap between the grinding plate and the heated plane;

    (d) making the fixture press and clamp the cooler, thereby, the heated plane being contacted closely with the abrasive;

    (e) rotating the grinding plate, and undergoing at least one grinding process to the heated plane; and

    (f) after the heated plane is ground, a delicate plane like mirror is obtained, which is provided for closely contacting a heating electronic component to dissipate heat thereof.

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