Quartz tube infrared heater system

  • US 8,247,742 B2
  • Filed: 05/06/2008
  • Issued: 08/21/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/11/2007
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1. A quartz heater tube assembly for use in a system for heating air, said system having:

  • an air inlet end through which air that is to be heated can enter into the system;

    an air outlet end through which air that has been heated by the system can exit the system;

    means for moving air into, though, and out of the system; and

    a heat exchanger assembly interposed between, and in communication with, the air inlet end and the air outlet end, said heat exchanger assembly including;

    duct means for conducting air through the heat exchanger assembly from the inlet end to the outlet end, thereby defining an airstream path for the flow of air through the system, wherein the duct means includes a “


    -shaped, hollow box that houses one or more quartz heater tube assemblies;

    and said quartz heater tube assemblies laterally disposed with respect to said airstream path within the duct means, each assembly comprising;

    a quartz tube, said tube having a first end and an opposite, second end, said tube being translucent to infrared radiation;

    a first ceramic insulator adapted to receive and support the first end of the tube, said insulator having a first electrical contact means;

    a second ceramic insulator adapted to receive and support an opposite, second end of the tube, said insulator having a second electrical contact means;

    means for mounting the first ceramic insulator to the system;

    means for mounting the second ceramic insulator to the system;

    an electrically-resistive filament that extends through the lumen of the tube from the first electrical contact means to the second electrical contact means, which filament when energized by the passage of electric current therethrough emits infrared radiation through said tube; and

    means surrounding the tube for inducing air turbulence in the vicinity of the tube when the system is energized and operating.

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