System for facilitating production of variable offer communications

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  • Filed: 04/06/2012
  • Issued: 01/08/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/10/1996
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1. A method of facilitating production of a set of offer communications containing different product-related information for different individual persons, the method comprising:

  • with a computer system, automatically;

    (a) selecting product-related information for each person of a set of persons, wherein;

    (i) the product-related information selected for some of the persons concerns different products than the product-related information selected for others of the persons, and(ii) said selecting uses data stored in computer-accessible storage, the data including (A) personal data related to the persons of the set of persons, (B) product data related to products in a set of possible products, and (C) decision criteria specifying how to select appropriate product-related information based on a characteristic in the personal data; and

    (b) generating electronic communication data defining a set of human-readable communications, the communications being separately directed to the persons and containing respective offers, wherein;

    (i) the electronic communication data is formatted to allow automatic production of the communications of the set of communications via an output device,(ii) the respective offers contain a common portion and a variable portion,(iii) the common portion is common to the offers in all communications of the set of communications,(iv) the variable portion for some of the communications is different than for others of the communications, and(v) the variable portion contains the respective product-related information selected for the respective persons.

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