Integrated device for continuous in vivo analyte detection and simultaneous control of an infusion device

  • US 8,425,417 B2
  • Filed: 11/07/2008
  • Issued: 04/23/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/05/2003
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A system for analyte detection in and fluid infusion into a host, comprising:

  • an analyte sensor configured and arranged to generate sensor data associated with an analyte;

    a fluid coupler configured to connect an IV equipment with a vascular access device configured for fluid communication with a circulatory system of the host; and

    system electronics operably connected to the analyte sensor and configured to process the sensor data, wherein the system electronics comprise;

    a processor module configured to control a flow profile of a flow control device, wherein the flow profile is configured to intermittently control flow of a fluid through the vascular access device into the circulatory system of the host and to intermittently control a flow of a sample from the circulatory system of the host into the vascular access device when the vascular access device is in fluid communication with the circulatory system of the host and operably connected to the flow control device;

    a data storage memory configured to store the sensor data associated with the analyte of the host; and

    an output module configured and arranged to operably connect with the flow control device so as to enable the processor module to control the flow profile of the flow control device anda cable configured to provide a wired connection between the system electronics and the analyte sensor, wherein the cable comprises the data storage memory wherein the system electronics are configured to be powered at least in part by a flow control device.

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