Support structures on roofs

  • US 8,438,799 B2
  • Filed: 03/10/2011
  • Issued: 05/14/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/02/2008
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A roof adaptive system configured to be installed about an aperture in a metal roof, such metal roof comprising a plurality of roof panels, having lengths and widths, such roof panels being arranged side by side, edges of adjacent such roof panels meeting at elevated rib structure portions thereof thereby to define elevated roof panel ribs, panel flats being disposed between such roof panel ribs, a given such roof panel rib comprising a rib shoulder, and a standing seam extending up from such shoulder, said roof adaptive system comprising a load support structure having a length, and being configured to be supported by first and second ones of the elevated roof panel ribs and to extend about such aperture and across a such panel flat, from rib to rib, between said first and second ribs, said load support structure comprising:

  • (a) first and second rails, having lengths, and being configured to be mounted to first and second ones of such roof panel ribs at such rib shoulders, and to extend upwardly from such rib shoulders alongside and above such standing seams, thus to define opposing sides of said load support structure; and

    (b) end elements configured to extend between adjacent ends of said first and second rails, thus to define ends of said load support structure.

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