3D pointing device and method for compensating rotations of the 3D pointing device thereof

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  • Filed: 07/06/2011
  • Issued: 10/08/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/06/2010
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1. A 3D pointing device, comprising:

  • an orientation sensor, generating an orientation output associated with an orientation of the 3D pointing device associated with three coordinate axes of a global reference frame associated with Earth;

    a rotation sensor, generating a rotation output associated with a rotation of the 3D pointing device associated with three coordinate axes of a spatial reference frame associated with the 3D pointing device; and

    a first computing processor, using the orientation output and the rotation output to generate a transformed output associated with a fixed reference frame associated with a display device,wherein the orientation sensor comprises;

    an accelerometer, generating a first signal set comprising axial accelerations associated with movements and rotations of the 3D pointing device in the spatial reference frame;

    a magnetometer, generating a second signal set associated with Earth'"'"'s magnetism; and

    a second computing processor, generating the orientation output based on the first signal set, the second signal set and the rotation output or based on the first signal set and the second signal set;

    wherein the rotation sensor, the accelerometer, and the magnetometer forming a nine-axis motion sensor module;

    the 3D pointing device is configured for obtaining one or more resultant deviation including a plurality of deviation angles using a plurality of measured magnetisms Mx, My, Mz and a plurality of predicted magnetism Mx′

    , My′ and



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