Beveling wheel, method for forming a beveled lens for use with eyeglasses and a beveled lens

  • US 8,636,360 B2
  • Filed: 08/12/2009
  • Issued: 01/28/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/12/2009
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A prescription plastic lens for use in an eyeglass frame, said eyeglass frame having a receiving channel defined by opposed interior wall surfaces having a first angle therebetween, the receiving channel having a channel bottom at one end and a channel opening at the other end, the plastic lens comprising:

  • a prescription lens body generally defined by a peripheral edge, the peripheral edge having a bevel extending away from the peripheral edge to a vertex, the bevel having a distal portion having a second angle defined between opposing sides of the bevel adjacent to the vertex, the bevel being receivable within the receiving channel, at least a portion of the vertex of the bevel being in contact with the receiving channel bottom and having an interference fit with the receiving channel bottom when held within the eyeglass frame, the first angle being greater than the second angle;

    wherein the portion of the vertex in contact with the receiving channel bottom is in compression once the plastic lens is fitted in the frame.

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