Systems and methods for processing analyte sensor data

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  • Filed: 03/25/2010
  • Issued: 03/18/2014
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1. A method for analyzing data from a continuous analyte sensor, the method comprising:

  • receiving sensor data from the continuous analyte sensor, the data comprising at least one sensor data point representative of the analyte concentration in a host;

    receiving reference data from a reference analyte monitor, the reference data comprising at least one reference data point;

    determining, using a processor module, an acceptability of the sensor data or the reference data by subjecting the reference data and substantially time-corresponding sensor data to a boundary test utilizing boundaries defined by predetermined minimum and maximum slope and baseline information derived from a regression analysis of data obtained prior to insertion of the continuous analyte sensor from at least one of in vitro testing of at least one other continuous analyte sensor or in vivo testing of at least one other continuous analyte sensor;

    subsequently forming a conversion function that defines a slope and a baseline only if the sensor data falls within the boundaries, wherein the slope is a calculated amount of electrical current produced by a predetermined amount of the measured analyte, wherein the baseline is a calculated signal contribution due to factors other than the analyte concentration, and wherein both the slope and the baseline are calculated in real-time based on a regression analysis using an equation y=mx+b, wherein x includes the reference data that fell within the boundaries and y includes the substantially time-corresponding sensor data that fell within the boundaries, wherein m is the slope and b is the baseline; and

    converting the at least one sensor data point to an estimated glucose valued based on the conversion function.

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