Magnetic attachment for shaving cartridge

  • US 8,789,282 B2
  • Filed: 07/10/2013
  • Issued: 07/29/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/25/2012
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A shaving system comprising:

  • a handle having a distal end including a generally planar rim surface and a proximal end, an appendage protruding from the distal end, and the generally planar rim surface surrounding the appendage, the generally planar rim surface being disposed at an angle of about 10 to 20 degrees with respect to a longitudinal axis of inertia of the handle,the handle having a generally straight region and a curved region adjacent the distal end, the curved region being curved in a single direction when viewed from a side,a shaving assembly mounted on the appendage, the shaving assembly including an interface element configured to provide a mechanical engagement between the shaving assembly and appendage, the interface element having a receiving portion configured to receive the appendage, anda magnetic attachment system configured to provide a magnetic force between the appendage and shaving assembly sufficient to retain the shaving assembly on the appendage between shaving strokes, wherein the magnetic attachment system comprises a magnet and a ferrous element, the magnet and ferrous element having planar surfaces configured for face-to-face contact when the shaving assembly is mounted on the appendage;

    wherein the appendage has a terminal end opposite to the general planar rim surface, wherein the terminal end includes a recess;

    wherein the magnet is received in the recess of the appendage and the ferrous element is received in the receiving portion of the interface element;

    wherein the appendage is disposed so that a longitudinal axis of the appendage is at an angle of +30 degrees to −

    30 degrees with respect to an axis perpendicular to the general planar rim surface.

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