System and method for providing a user interface for vehicle monitoring system users and insurers

  • US 8,818,618 B2
  • Filed: 07/17/2007
  • Issued: 08/26/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/17/2007
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1. In an on-board vehicle monitoring system that monitors and reports real-time speeding violations to a driver of a vehicle to facilitate corrective behavior by the driver while operating the vehicle, a method of permitting the driver to identify perceived errors in speeding violations that are reported by the monitoring system, the method comprising:

  • storing in a database geographic map data that includes identifying data for a plurality of streets, including speed data for streets included in the map data;

    detecting at one or more sensors installed in a vehicle parameters from which data is derived that definesi) GPS data as to where the vehicle is being driven,ii) date and time data as to when the vehicle is being driven, andiii) speed data that identifies the speed at which the vehicle is being driven;

    inputting the detected parameters to an on-board vehicle monitoring system which comprises system memory and one or more processors for data processing, the on-board vehicle monitoring system evaluating the input detected parameters by performing the following computer-implemented data processing;

    i) determining from GPS data a particular street contained in the geographic map data where the vehicle is traveling, andii) determining from the speed data which identifies the speed at which the vehicle is being driven, and from the speed data for the particular street where the vehicle is traveling, when the vehicle speed exceeds the street speed by more than a threshold amount;

    iii) when the vehicle speed exceeds the street speed by more than said threshold amount, storing the date, time, street location and speed data in the system memory and correlating the stored information to the vehicle driver, and providing a discernible warning to the driver of a speeding violation;

    at the on-board vehicle monitoring system, in response to a warning provided by the on-board vehicle monitoring system, observing by the driver that the warning is inconsistent with actual driving conditions and then activating in response to a single driver input a real-time error indication that a speeding violation warning issued by the vehicle monitoring system to the driver of the vehicle is an error based on the vehicle driver'"'"'s observation of the actual posted speed or the actual traffic speed for the particular street on which the vehicle is traveling; and

    so that the most current parameters are used to evaluate drivers, in response to said activation by the driver of said error indication, the vehicle monitoring system performing the following;

    storing in system memory the data for the error indication, including identification of the driver, a particular street location, the date and time the vehicle was traveling on the particular street, and the vehicle speed; and

    sending to a central server or database said data for the error indication in order to enable evaluation of the driver using the most current parameters.

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