Topical tetracycline compositions

  • US 8,865,139 B1
  • Filed: 07/09/2014
  • Issued: 10/21/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/02/2009
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1. A composition comprisinga carrier comprising:

  • a) about 60% to 99% by weight of the composition of at least one hydrophobic oil; and

    b) at least one viscosity-modifying agent that is a combination comprising (i) at least one fatty alcohol and at least one wax;

    (ii) at least one fatty acid and at least one wax;

    or (iii) at least one fatty alcohol, at least one fatty acid, and at least one wax;

    wherein the wax is selected from the group consisting of a plant wax, an animal wax, a petroleum derived wax, and a vegetable wax;

    or wherein the wax is selected from the group consisting of an albacer wax, an atlasene wax, a cardis wax, a ceramid, an alkyl-substituted aromatic compound, a naphthene-substituted aromatic compound, a beeswax, a BASF wax, a carnauba wax, a chinese wax, a cotton wax, a bayberry wax, a carnauba wax, a castor wax, a cuban palm wax, a duroxon wax, an esparto wax, a fat wax, a flax wax, a fischer-tropsch wax, a fir wax, a flexo wax a flower wax, glyco waxes, a japan wax, a jojoba oil, a lanolin wax, a palm wax, a rice bran wax, a rice-oil wax, a shellac wax, a soy wax, an ucuhuba wax, a hydrogenated oil, a hydrogenated castor oil, a hydrogenated cottonseed oil, a hydrogenated jojoba oil, a mink wax, a mixture of saturated n- and isoalkanes, a montan wax, a naphthene, an ouricury wax, an oxazoline wax, an ozokerite, a paraffin wax, a paraffin 58-62°

    C. wax, paraffin 51-53°

    C. wax, paraffin 42-44°

    C. wax, a polyethylene wax, a PEG-6 beeswax, a polymekon wax, a retamo wax, a rezo wax, a sandy wax, a spent grain wax, a stearyl dimethicone, a sugarcane wax, a synthetic mineral wax, and mixtures and any two or more thereof;

    the carrier being otherwise free of or containing less than 0.1% by weight of a surfactant;

    a tetracycline antibiotic, at least part of which is suspended in the composition; and

    a liquefied or compressed gas propellant;

    wherein the composition is waterless; and

    wherein when packaged in an aerosol container and pressurized with a liquefied or compressed gas propellant, the composition affords upon release from the container a foam that breaks upon application of shear force.

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