Desanding apparatus and system

  • US 8,945,256 B2
  • Filed: 02/13/2012
  • Issued: 02/03/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/13/2012
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1. A desanding system for receiving a gas stream containing entrained liquid and particulates comprising:

  • a vessel elongated along a longitudinal axis and having a fluid inlet adjacent a first end of the vessel and a fluid outlet spaced along the longitudinal axis from the fluid inlet towards a second end of the vessel, said vessel being inclined from a horizontal at a non-zero inclination angle at all times during operation such that the fluid outlet is lower than the fluid inlet, the fluid inlet discharging the gas stream into the vessel at an inlet velocity, the gas stream travelling down the inclined vessel to the fluid outlet the vessel having;

    a gas/liquid interface formed at the fluid outlet having a belly storage portion formed therebelow and a freeboard portion formed adjacent an upper portion of the vessel above the interface, the freeboard portion having a freeboard cross-sectional area which diminishes along the inclined vessel from the fluid inlet to the fluid outlet; and

    the freeboard portion at the fluid inlet causing the gas stream to have a freeboard velocity adjacent the fluid inlet which is less than the velocity of the fluid in the inlet, whereinthe freeboard velocity is such that the entrained liquids and particulates fall out of the gas stream and collect in the belly storage portion, andwherein a desanded gas/liquid stream flows out of the freeboard portion and out the fluid outlet, being free of a substantial portion of the particulates, and particulates accumulate in the belly portion for flowing downvessel towards said second end.

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