Wireless interactive game having both physical and virtual elements

  • US 9,393,500 B2
  • Filed: 05/22/2015
  • Issued: 07/19/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/25/2003
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A gaming toy for playing a game that combines both physical and virtual gameplay elements, said gaming toy comprising:

  • a plurality of modular components configured to be selectively and detachably assembled by a game participant to form a doll, action figure or object relevant to a computer-animated game played by said game participant on a compatible gaming platform;

    at least one of said modular components comprising;

    (i) a microprocessor;

    (ii) non-volatile memory electrically coupled to said microprocessor and storing a first selection of information comprising a unique identifier uniquely identifying said gaming toy within said computer-animated game;

    (iii) programmable non-volatile memory electrically coupled to said microprocessor and storing a second selection of information comprising data representing one or more in-game attributes of a corresponding virtual character or object in said computer-animated game;

    (iv) a radio frequency (RF) transceiver electrically coupled to said microprocessor and configured to provide short-range two-way wireless communications with said compatible gaming platform over a limited wireless communication range of less than 60 cm and wherein said short-range two-way wireless communications include at least said second selection of information; and

    (v) an antenna electrically coupled to said RF transceiver and configured to be wirelessly energized by an externally-generated electromagnetic field to thereby electrically power said gaming toy; and

    wherein said at least one modular component further comprises an internal cavity and wherein said microprocessor, said non-volatile memory, said programmable non-volatile memory, said RF transceiver, and said antenna are all disposed within said internal cavity and encapsulated within said at least one modular component.

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