Method and system for caching streaming multimedia on the internet

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  • Filed: 10/07/2015
  • Issued: 10/04/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/29/2000
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1. A method for storing a streaming multimedia (SM) object in a network having a content server which hosts SM objects for distribution over said network through a plurality of helper servers (HS) to a plurality of clients, said streaming media object being comprised of a plurality of successive time-ordered chunks, wherein each chunk is further comprised of a discrete number of time-ordered segments arranged from first in time to last in time, each segment allocated to a respective HS disk block storage unit, said method comprising:

  • i) receiving a SM object;

    ii) determining whether sufficient disk space is available on at least one of said plurality of HSs to store said received SM object;

    iii) storing said received SM object at said at least one of said plurality of HSs if it is determined that there is sufficient disk space; and

    iv) performing the following steps, if it is determined that there is insufficient disk space available to store the received SM object;

    a) identifying at least one SM object from among a plurality of SM objects hosted by said HS which is not in use and has an access time which is least recent, wherein said access time corresponds to a time when said SM object was last requested; and

    b) identifying chunks of said at least one identified SM object;

    c) replacing segments of said identified chunks with at least a portion of said received SM object, wherein the segments of each identified chunk are replaced starting from the end of the chunk.

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