Systems and methods for integrating widgets on mobile devices

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  • Filed: 05/08/2015
  • Issued: 10/18/2016
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1. A system for generating code to provide content on a display of a device, said system comprising:

  • computer memory storing a registry of;

    a) symbolic names required for evoking one or more web components each related to a set of inputs and outputs of a web service obtainable over a network, where the symbolic names are character strings that do not contain either a persistent address or pointer to an output value accessible to the web service, where each symbolic name has an associated data format class type corresponding to a subclass of User Interface (UI) objects that support the data format type of the symbolic name, and has a preferred UI object, andb) an address of the web service;

    an authoring tool configured to;

    define a (UI) object for presentation on the display,where said defined UI object corresponds to a web component included in said registry selected from a group consisting of an input of the web service and an output of the web service, where each defined UI object is either;

         1) selected by a user of the authoring tool;


         2) automatically selected by the system as the preferred UI object corresponding to the symbolic name of the web component selected by the user of the authoring tool,access said computer memory to select the symbolic name corresponding to the web component of the defined UI object,associate the selected symbolic name with the defined UI object, where the selected symbolic name is only available to UI objects that support the defined data format associated with that symbolic name, andproduce an Application including the selected symbolic name of the defined UI object, where said Application is a device-independent code; and

    a Player, where said Player is a device-dependent code, wherein, when the Application and Player are provided to the device and executed on the device, and when the user of the device provides one or more input values associated with an input symbolic name to an input of the defined UI object,1) the device provides the user provided one or more input values and corresponding input symbolic name to the web service,2) the web service utilizes the input symbolic name and the user provided one or more input values for generating one or more output values having an associated output symbolic name,3) said Player receives the output symbolic name and corresponding one or more output values and provides instructions for the display of the device to present an output value in the defined UI object.

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