Distiller grain production device

  • US 9,480,281 B1
  • Filed: 09/03/2015
  • Issued: 11/01/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/15/2011
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A device for producing a dense compact livestock feed from a loose granular material, comprising:

  • a source for supplying a loose granular material to be treated;

    an extruder comprising an elongated housing having an inlet end and a discharge end, the inlet end in communication with the source and to receive the loose granular material to be treated and the extruder arranged to compress the treated material within the extruder, wherein the extruder includes;

    rotatable screws provided within the housing and extending between the inlet end and the discharge end for compressing and transporting the treated material, the screws apply a compressive force to the treated material as the screws rotate and move the treated material longitudinally along the screws;

    at least one drive coupled to the screws for axially rotating the screws; and

    at least one heater disposed along a portion of the housing for heating the treated material moving along the screws;

    a controller comprising a computer control loop which controls a plurality of temperature sensors embedded within at least one wall of the elongated housing and are connected in the computer control loop, wherein the plurality of the temperature sensors are configured to monitor a temperature as the treated material moves through the elongated housing and wherein the computer control loop is configured to control individual heater output regulators, a rotatable screw motor speed regulator, and a distiller grain feed flow controller to adjust and regulate a heater output, a rotation rate of the rotatable screws, and a feeding rate of the treated material respectively, to maintain the treated material within a temperature range along one or more treatment zones of the elongated housing as the treated material travels along the elongated housing, and a die located at tips of the screws at the discharge end of the extruder for creating a substantial pressure for compacting the treated material, wherein the die includes;

    a chamber having a through hole which extends longitudinally through the chamber and provides a restricted passageway for compressing the treated material, the through hole includes an inlet orifice for receiving the treated material from the discharge end of the extruder and an outlet orifice for discharging the treated material, and pressing the treated material in a modulus state longitudinally through the restricted passageway;

    at least one wall of the chamber is structurally configured to apply a pressure applied in a direction transverse to a direction of transport and a pressure applied in a direction parallel to the direction of transport such that a two-dimensional cross-section compression is applied to the treated material passing through the chamber forcing liquids in the treated material to migrate to an outer surface of the treated material upon reaching the outlet orifice.

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