Color calibration of color image rendering devices

  • US 9,516,288 B2
  • Filed: 11/05/2015
  • Issued: 12/06/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/31/2005
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1. A hand-held multifunctional digital apparatus comprising:

  • a controller comprising at least one programmable processor;

    a plurality of sensors, wherein one or more of said sensors comprise a camera enabling capture of images and video streams of said images in a plurality of color channels, said images captured by said one or more sensors represent different fields of view;

    memory for storing control programs for operating said apparatus and enabling a user interface, application programs for providing multifunctional capability, at least location information, and images and audio data in digital form;

    a color display having a screen, said color display being operable to present menus of said user interface, to provide a viewfinder for displaying one or more of said images, and to display one or more of text and graphics associated with execution of one or more of said application programs, wherein when a user faces said screen said different fields of view comprise at least a first field of view directed to the user and a second field of view directed away from the user;

    an audio unit comprising one or more speakers and one or more microphones, said audio unit enabling the user to operate at least one of said application programs by speaking to the apparatus, wherein the apparatus confirms said operation by at least speaking to the user;

    a transmitter a receiver for enabling, via an antenna, one or more of cellular telephony, or communication with an external system using one or more network protocols;

    a connector for interfacing said apparatus with an external device;

    software comprising at least;

    an operating program that controls the functions of said apparatus responsive, in part, to inputs through the user interface;

    one or more programs providing said user interface that renders on said color display graphic representations of functions for user selection and that employs speech recognition and computer generated speech to implement spoken interaction between the user and said apparatus using said audio unit, said apparatus assists the user in performing a task by guiding user performance through spoken directions by the apparatus; and

    one or more programs for converting at least one of said images in a plurality of color channels into digital image data and for storing said digital image data in a file having a header and tags identifying fields of data that enable a receiver of said file to process said digital image data.

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