Detecting satellite signals by storing signal sets spanning code period

  • US 9,612,339 B2
  • Filed: 03/05/2012
  • Issued: 04/04/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/05/2012
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A process of detecting coded signals from satellites in integrated circuitry, each satellite repeatedly transmitting a unique, analog, coded signal of a certain code period, comprising:

  • (a) receiving in the integrated circuitry the analog, coded signals from the satellites;

    (b) converting the analog, coded signals to coded digital signals in analog to digital converter circuitry;

    (c) generating quantized samples of the coded digital signals in first quantization circuitry;

    (d) storing the quantized samples in a buffer, the storing including storing sample sets with each set including a number of samples of the coded digital signals spanning a code period;

    (e) performing a Doppler derotation on a sample set in the buffer in Doppler derotation circuitry;

    (f) coherently accumulating Doppler derotated sample sets in accumulator circuitry for a selected coherent accumulation period;

    (g) generating a multiple level quantization of the results of the coherently accumulated Doppler derotated sample sets for a coherent accumulation period in second quantization circuitry, including associating each sample within the sample set with a sample bit representation;

    (h) loading results of the multiple level quantization to a register array;

    (i) correlating with correlation circuitry the results of the multiple level quantization in the register array with plural code phases of the satellite signals;

    (j) non-coherently accumulating the correlations in memory; and

    (k) searching for the coded digital signals corresponding to one satellite based on the selected coherent accumulation period and a start timing reference.

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