Radio-controlled flying craft

  • US 9,645,580 B2
  • Filed: 09/21/2016
  • Issued: 05/09/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/30/2002
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1. A radio controlled (RC) system for a homeostatic flying craft controllable by a user remote from the flying craft with a hand-held controller, the hand-held controller housing a battery-powered microprocessor system operatively coupled to a sensor system, the RC system comprising:

  • a flying structure having lift generated by four electrically powered motors, each motor having at least one blade driven by the motor that generates a downwardly directed thrust, the flying structure including;

    a homeostatic control system operably connected to the motors and configured to control the thrust produced by each motor in order to automatically maintain a desired orientation of the flying structure, the homeostatic control system including at least a three-dimensional sensor system and associated control circuitry configured to determine an inertial gravitational reference for use by the homeostatic control system to control a speed of each of the motors;

    a radio frequency (RF) transceiver operably connected to the homeostatic control system and configured to provide RF communications with the hand-held controller; and

    a battery system operably coupled to the motors, the RF transceiver and the homeostatic control system; and

    control software that is adapted to be used by the battery-powered microprocessor system in the hand-held controller and that is configured to control the flying structure by RF communications that include control commands corresponding to the desired orientation of the flying structure based on the sensor system in the hand-held controller that is configured to sense a controller gravitational reference and a relative tilt of the hand-held controller with respect to the controller gravitational reference as a result of the user selectively orienting the hand-held controller.

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