Systems and methods for replacing signal artifacts in a glucose sensor data stream

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  • Filed: 04/06/2017
  • Issued: 08/08/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/22/2003
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1. A glucose sensor system that detects a signal artifact that can result in an erroneous glucose concentration measurement and responds to the detected signal artifact differently depending on a corresponding evaluated level of severity, the system comprising:

  • an electrochemical glucose sensor comprising a plurality of electrodes and an enzyme-containing membrane, wherein the enzyme-containing membrane is positioned to provide a medium for a conductive pathway between electrodes of the plurality of electrodes when a voltage is present across the electrodes while the electrochemical glucose sensor is in contact with a biological sample; and

    sensor electronics comprising a processor for executing a computer program code stored in a memory to cause the sensor electronics to;

    apply a voltage across the electrodes of the electrochemical glucose sensor,measure a signal response of the electrochemical glucose sensor responsive to the applied voltage, the measured signal response having a signal content associated with a local environment at the electrodes, wherein the local environment contributes to a signal artifact in a glucose signal generated by the electrochemical glucose sensor,evaluate a level of severity of the signal artifact based at least in part on the signal content of the measured signal response, anddynamically adjust the sensor electronics based on the level of severity evaluated to generate;

    (i) a first glucose value for display based on an output from the electrochemical glucose sensor when the signal artifact is evaluated having a first level of severity, and(ii) a second glucose value, different from the first glucose value, for display based on the output from the electrochemical glucose sensor when the signal artifact is evaluated having a second level of severity different from the first level of severity, wherein the second glucose value accounts for the signal artifact affecting glucose measurement.

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