Tolerance ring

  • US 9,829,046 B2
  • Filed: 02/15/2013
  • Issued: 11/28/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/17/2012
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A tolerance ring comprising:

  • a base formed of a strip-shaped member approximately wound around into a ring shape; and

    a plurality of projections aligned in at least one row along a winding direction of the base so as to protrude in a radial direction from an outer peripheral surface of the base,wherein each of the projections has a pair of opposing edges extending in the winding direction and a pair of opposing edges extending in a width direction orthogonal to the winding direction each of which serves as a boundary between the projection and the base, each projection being deformed outwards from the base of the ring, forming a continuous projection member,wherein each projection includes;

    a strip portion shaped like a strip, longitudinally-extending in the winding direction, and curved to be convex in the radial direction, the strip portion comprising a pair of opposing front and rear edges extending in the width direction adjoining the base, and a pair of opposing arcuate-shaped longitudinally-extending edges extending in the winding direction; and

    a pair of opposing side joint portions each approximately shaped like a flat plate and comprising an edge adjoining a respective one of the longitudinally-extending edges of the strip portion, and an arcuate-shaped longitudinally-extending base edge extending in the winding direction adjoining the base,wherein the opposing side joint portions of the projection each continuously extend between a respective one of the opposing longitudinally-extending edges of strip portion and a respective one of the arcuate-shaped longitudinally extending base edges and between the front and rear edges of the projection.

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