Product display rack system, product display rack method, and product display rack program

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  • Filed: 08/28/2013
  • Issued: 03/13/2018
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1. A product display rack system which displays a plurality of products having a plurality of product types and functional types, each having an RFID tag having a radio communication function for an RFID number attached thereto, and guides a customer toward related products associated with a product taken by the customer in the hand, the system comprising:

  • a plurality of product display racks on which the plurality of products with the RFID tags attached thereto are displayed;

    a plurality of RFID readers for detecting the RFID numbers from the RFID tags of the products displayed on the product display racks;

    a lamp guiding unit for guiding the customer to the position of the product displayed on each of the plurality of product display racks by a lighted lamp or a flickering lamp;

    a product related information database in which relations among the product types and functional types of the plurality of products are stored;

    a product coordinate database in which product display coordinates for the product display rack for each of the product types are stored; and

    control means which, based upon the results of detection by the RFID reader, guide the customer toward other products related to the product taken by the customer in the hand,wherein the control means carries out;

    a first step of detecting an RFID number of a product taken by a customer from a desired display rack based upon the detection result of the RFID reader;

    a second step of acquiring RFID numbers of related products having related product types and functional types relative to the product type of the RFID number from the product related information database by using the RFID number detected in the first step as a key;

    a third step of acquiring the product display coordinates of the product type from the product coordinate data base by using the RFID number of the related product acquired in the second step as a key; and

    a fourth step of lighting or flickering the lamp of the lamp guiding unit at a position close to the product display coordinates acquired in the third step.

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