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  • US RE36,639 E
  • Filed: 05/16/1996
  • Issued: 04/04/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/14/1986
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1. A container of blow-moulded oriented thermoplastic material of the type formed by enclosing a moulded preform in a mould corresponding to the shape of the container, heating the preform and stretching it to the full length of the mould so that its bottom surface impinges upon the bottom surface of the mould prior to blow-moulding;

  • said container comprising a generally cylindrical body portion with a central longitudinal axis, said body portion having a side wall, a radius and a base portion closing the bottom end of said side wall, wherein said base portion is defined by a figure of rotation formed by rotating a generally convex curve, extending from the bottom end of said side wall to the central longitudinal axis of the body portion, about said axis so as to define an annular, convex surface having a central re-entrant portion, the material in the vicinity of the center of said re-entrant portion being unoriented and relatively thick in comparison with the oriented material of the remainder of the base portion and wherein said annular, convex surface comprises, in transverse cross-section, first and second downwardly convex portions each comprising an outer, convex wall portion extending downwardly from said side wall to a lowermost point and an inner wall portion extending upwardly from said lowermost point towards the center of the base portion; and

    wherein said inner wall portions are generally convex, and said unoriented, relatively thick material is confined substantially to the upper most regions of said convex, inner wall portions; and

    wherein said convex, inner wall portions converge to form a cusp at the center of said base portion, and said unoriented, relatively thick material is confined substantially to the point of said cusp.

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