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  • Filed: 03/30/2001
  • Issued: 01/16/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/26/1996
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1. A method of dynamically coordinating and controlling projectors in a digital information system to display information material in public places on at least one display device, said digital information system including a computerized control center having a plurality of communication interfaces, a plurality of computerized devices situated in proximity to said public places and being connected to said control center wherein each of said computerized devices controls at least one projector, and communications drive routine means for permitting at least one subscribing external information mediator having communications drive routine means for to selectively and transparently connecting connect to said control center, said method comprising:

  • receiving, by said control center, display information transmitted by said external mediators at any time, said display information including booking information, specified by said at least one external mediator, for reserving and controlling a time-period to display said display information material;

    generating, organizing, and dynamically updating an exposure list in real time, by an exposure handler included in said control center, in accordance with said display information, said exposure list also containing projector control instructions based on said reservation booking information;

    coordinating and controlling select ones of said projectors by said computer devices, in response to said projector control instruction instructions contained in said exposure list, in order to display said display information material on said display device in real time, wherein said display information in said exposure list specifies a content of display, a location of display, a timing of display, and a duration of display such that said content, said location, said timing, and said duration are capable of being independently selected , and said exposure list enables each of said select projectors to independently and instantaneously receive said display information through said computerized devices.

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