Self cleaning gutter shield

  • US RE42,896 E1
  • Filed: 07/28/2005
  • Issued: 11/08/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/07/2001
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1. A gutter shield device for mounting in an open top of a rain gutter attached to an edge of a roof, said gutter shield comprising:

  • (a) an elongated sheet of extruded material having four interconnected planes wherein the sheet comprises;

    a first plane for resting on a front lip of the rain gutter, the first plane connected to a second plane by a u-shaped channel lying beneath the surface of the first planethe second plane is perforated and angles downward and inward toward a center of the sheet in a manner to break a forward flow of water adhesive channeling paths for redirecting water downward and inward into the gutter;

    said second perforated plane terminating and adjoining at a lower most edge to a vertical leg that serves as a supporting structure for an insertable filtration configuration;

    said vertical leg additionally serving to join a third perforated plane that angles upward from said second perforated plane and upward and away from the center of the sheet in a manner for redirecting a forward flow of water downward to said vertical leg that also serves as a dam for the flowing water ensuring that the water will pool and drop through the perforations of said third perforated plane;

    said third perforated plane is joined, by means of an upward extending vertical wall that is capped by an integral u-shaped channel positioned at an uppermost edge of the vertical wall, a fourth plane angles slightly upward from the vertical wall, and said filtration configuration comprising a filter membrane resting on a skeletal structure that embodies ellipses resting on centered, underlying vertical legs, said legs resting on and extending above a perforated plane, said perforated plane having underlying vertical legs that are adapted to further direct the downward channeling of water into the rain gutter and also disallowing forward channeling of water due to the spacing and vertical downward extension of said vertical legs, whereby a forward rush of water is broken and redirected by said planes, ellipses, and vertical legs, wherein said ellipses and vertical legs are adapted to be separated by unbroken air space, in a manner that enables the sheet to self-clean clogging elements selected from a group consisting of scum, oils, pollen paste, matted silica, and other scum forming elements off said filter membrane to an extent that disallows said clogging elements from healing over and clogging water receiving areas of said filtration combination.

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