Variable throughput reduction communications system and method

  • US RE44,199 E1
  • Filed: 11/02/2011
  • Issued: 05/07/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/14/2000
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1. A communications system comprisinga transmitter, including,a demultiplexer for demultiplexing input data into a plurality of data channels;

  • a plurality of forward-error-correction encoders and interleavers, coupled to said demultiplexer, for FEC encoding and interleaving the plurality of data channels as a plurality of FEC encoded and interleaved channels, respectively;

    a plurality of processors coupled to said plurality of FEC encoders and interleavers, for processing the plurality of FEC encoded and interleaved channels as a plurality of modulated channels;

    a combiner coupled to said plurality of processors, for combining the plurality of modulated channels as a multiplexed signal;

    a receiver, including,a plurality of demodulators for demodulating the multiplexed signal into a plurality of demodulated channels, respectively;

    a multiplicity of FEC decoder and de-interleavers, coupled to said plurality of demodulators for FEC decoding and de-interleaving the multiplicity of demodulated channels, as a multiplicity of decoded demodulated channels having an error rate;

    a command processor responsive to the error rate for determining a desired data rate and generating a control signal to be transmitted to the transmitter; and

    a multiplexer, coupled to said plurality of FEC decoders and de-interleavers, for multiplexing the multiplicity of decoded channelssaid transmitter including receiver circuitry for receiving the control signal transmitted by the receiver and circuitry responsive to the control signal to control the data rate of transmitted data.

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