Method and apparatus for data-linking a mobile knowledge worker to home communication-center infrastructure

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  • Filed: 12/15/2014
  • Issued: 06/27/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/24/1999
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1. In a communication center having agent workstations, a system for enabling a remote agent, using a light computerized device having insufficient power to operate as a workstation of the communication center, to access and operate as an agent with full access to data and software tools of the communication center, the system comprising:

  • a proxy server executing a software suite;

    a workstation at the communication center;

    a local area network (LAN) connecting the proxy server, the workstation and the data and software tools of the communication center; and

    a two-way data link between the proxy server and the light computerized device used by the remote agent;

    characterized in that the proxy server, by the software suite, upon establishing a connection over the second two-way data link, ascertains hardware and software characteristics of the light computerized device, establishes a connection to a workstation at the communication center over the LAN at direction of the light computerized device, whereby the light computerized device has full access to all a data systems system and is capable of operating all software available at the communication center from the workstation, via the LAN, on behalf of and according to direction from the light computerized device, transforms the data and results of the software operations into a form useable by the light computerized device, and transmits the transformed information to the light computerized device via the two-way data link;

    wherein the light computerized device is configured to transmit a command to the proxy server for displaying a list of scripts, wherein in response to the light computerized device selecting a particular script from the list of scripts, a command is issued to the workstation for causing the workstation to access a digital voice attendant over the LAN to replace a message output by the digital voice attendant with a new message.

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