Computer keyboard hand base

Computer keyboard hand base

  • CN 100,338,559 C
  • Filed: 12/11/1997
  • Issued: 09/19/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/11/1997
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. brace that is used to connect computer keyboard hand base, described brace is connected the root edge place of keyboard and armrest seat;

  • It is characterized in that;

    Described keyboard is respectively equipped with in its root edge face both sides in order to the interlocking brace to connect the elongated slot of armrest seat;

    Described armrest seat root edge both sides are provided with respectively in order to the interlocking brace to connect a flute profile space of armrest seat corresponding to place, keyboard root edge both sides, two side walls in this flute profile space is respectively equipped with a long flange and a short flange, and two flanges are parallel each other and form can be for the track of brace slippage;

    Also be provided with the protruding seat of two convex shapes in this flute profile space, two protruding seats lay respectively at both sides, flute profile space and lack the inboard of the track that flange forms by a long flange and, are used for making brace to locate in this flute profile space;

    Described brace is a flat shape, outwards convex with protruding axle respectively at the brace leading edge two ends of this flat shape, in the elongated slot that is entrenched in the keyboard root edge, on the body between the protruding axle in these both sides, be provided with two grooves, so that have a suitable extension elasticity between this two protruding axle;

    Be provided with two grooves in addition at this brace body trailing edge end face, make the body rear end face form two sides and collude among part and one and collude part, and, protrude out the end that colludes of taper respectively downwards in that respectively this colludes the root edge of part.

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