A woven back-cloth plastering carpet and method for manufacturing the same

A woven back-cloth plastering carpet and method for manufacturing the same

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  • Filed: 08/23/2005
  • Issued: 01/09/2008
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1. , a kind of preparation method of woven back-cloth plastering carpet is characterized in that, this method comprises the steps:

  • 1) comb spinning;

    the yarn that will be spun into 3~

    24 as ACRYLIC YARNS, wool yarns, polyamide staple fibre spun yarn, velveteen yarn or the mixed yarn comb of raw material;

    2) yarning Split Down;

    the yarn that above-mentioned comb has been spun, break into the axle yarn or the tube yarn of sub-thread or multiply with wire bonder, the yarn more than two, add that the twist combines;

    3) weave cotton cloth;

    use polypropylene cloth to make base fabric, on loom, make the tufting or the circle suede colour prime white carpet of 2 millimeters-20 millimeters of Mao Gaowei, every weight per square meter 250-2000 gram;

    4) stamp;

    spraying of utilization computer and screen printing technology on the front of colour prime white carpet are raw material with the dye of positive ion, stamp the decorative pattern of various different patterns, different size shape on white blanket face;

    5) infiltration;

    above-mentioned printed carpet is pushed through the osmotic engine of 0.5-10MPa pressure, make mill base penetrate into carpet pile hair Senior Three branch two to root, and unnecessary mill base wiped off;

    6) fixation;

    in 80-120 ℃

    steam box, use vapours fixation carpet, the time is 20-60 minute;

    7) washing;

    add water in washing material, ratio is 1/100-1/1000, and water temperature is at 30-50 ℃

    , and the loose colour in the flush away carpet dries through dewaterer then;

    8) oven dry;

    the carpet after the washing is carried out thermal finalization and oven dry 1~

    10 minute in 130-150 ℃

    baking oven;

    9) scald and to cut;

    use to scald and cut combination machine, the blanket face of carpet is distributed through the heat distribution roller take out hair and the flat blanket of feed, the floating hair of blanket face, fall mao to smoke and concordant, make the concordant light of blanket face with cutter;

    10) be coated with the sticker back of the body;

    coat viscose glue at the carpet back side, stick together with back of the body cloth then, carpet and back of the body cloth are fused;

    Use the cloth bound edge, described bound edge is fixed in the grey cloth layer limit of blanket surface layer and pastes on the backing layer, and described bound edge with carpet blanket face side grey cloth layer with carry on the back cloth and fix, makes product by viscose glue or yarn.

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