Green tea liquid fermentation brewing wine and its preparation method

Green tea liquid fermentation brewing wine and its preparation method

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  • Filed: 08/01/2005
  • Issued: 01/09/2008
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1. , a kind of production method of green tea liquid fermentation brewing wine, this production method are characterised in that and adopt following materials of weight proportions:

  • Mountain spring water 100%Green tea 0.1%~

    5.0%White sugar 0.1%~

    30%Active dry yeast 0.01%~

    0.06%Wherein the weight of green tea, white sugar, active dry yeast is the weight outside the mountain spring water, and the area of mountain spring water scarcity will be selected tap water for use;

    The prepared green tea wine technological process of production of this method;

    tealeaves →

    tealeaves vat liquor →

    white sugar →

    active dry yeast →

    Primary Fermentation →

    secondary fermentation →

    ageing →

    following glue →

    coarse filtration →

    allotment →

    cold and hot processing →

    essence filter →

    hot filling →

    check →

    packing →

    finished product;

    The temperature of Primary Fermentation is 20~

    25 ℃

    , be incubated 10~

    15 days, secondary fermentation is to carry out in another fermentor tank, in this jar, add active dry yeast 0.2kg, the secondary fermentation temperature is 15~

    20 ℃

    , is incubated 20~

    30 days, continues in the secondary fermentation jar ageing 30~

    90 days, the ageing temperature is controlled at and is lower than 15 ℃

    , enters down glue process again.

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