Method of determining optical amplifier failures

Method of determining optical amplifier failures

  • CN 100,423,476 C
  • Filed: 01/22/1997
  • Issued: 10/01/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/28/1996
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1. fault detection system of light amplifier module that is used to contain M transmission channel based on performance parameter, wherein M is equal to, or greater than 1 integer, and described fault detection system comprises:

  • Be used to store the memory cell of a desired value of described performance parameter;

    The measurement mechanism that is used for a measured value of definite described performance parameter;

    The comparing unit that is used for the measured value of the desired value of more above-mentioned performance parameter and above-mentioned performance parameter;

    AndWhen departing from the desired value of above-mentioned performance parameter, the measured value of above-mentioned performance parameter produces the error signal generation device of an error signal according to the result of above-mentioned comparison;

    It is characterized in that the output light signal of each transmission channel by measuring described light amplifier module and the measured value that input optical signal draws above-mentioned performance parameter;

    Wherein above-mentioned measurement mechanism comprises;

    Be used to obtain the device of the function of the above-mentioned input optical signal power that the input value of each transmission channel is received as above-mentioned light amplifier module,Be used to obtain one to the output valve of each transmission channel device as the function of the above-mentioned output optical signal power that above-mentioned light amplifier module sent;

    One is used at M greater than first calculation element of determining an array output value at 1 o'"'"'clock according to the described output valve of described transmission channel;

    AndOne is used at M greater than second calculation element of determining a combinatorial input value at 1 o'"'"'clock according to the described input value of described transmission channel.

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