Manual hydrological network method

Manual hydrological network method

  • CN 100,439,603 C
  • Filed: 01/21/2001
  • Issued: 12/03/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/21/2001
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1. artificial hydrology network method that solves human water resources crisis, by building intensive ground artificial hydrology network, make precipitation enhancement, thereby the ground deposit of water resource is increased, stop water and pollute, thereby the equilibrium of supply and demand of maintenance water resource, to solve the difficult problem of human water resources crisis, it is characterized in that:

  • arrange in the rivers two sides and build melon vine formula artificial lake that connect with water channel between the lake, river, rivers and artificial lake interconnect and be distributed in big ground;

    On the riverbed of the tributary in river and arid area, excavate artificial Tan Wohu, 5~

    10 meters of cutting depths;

    To the desert arid area, build the plastic cover greenhouse pool of catchmenting, set up plastic cover greenhouse in the field, be used to plant crops, between canopy, build the sclerosis water channel, the canopy end is built the artificial pool, and pool canal interconnects;

    For the city, build municipal sewage regeneration lake, utilize the regeneration lake to collect municipal sewage, and, purify waste water by the planting aquatic plants and the formation oxidation pond of breeding fish;

    Municipal sewage regeneration lake connects with thermal power plant again, utilize thermal power plant'"'"'s steam waste heat and cooling water cooling tower, the water in municipal sewage regeneration lake is further carried out biological cleaning to be handled and recycles, form the municipal sewage regeneration network of rivers, this regeneration network of rivers can be used as replenishing and alternate source of urban water use, recycling.

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