Infrared touch screen performance improving structure and method

Infrared touch screen performance improving structure and method

  • CN 100,442,207 C
  • Filed: 07/24/2000
  • Issued: 12/10/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/24/2000
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a system that improves infrared touch screen performance uses the touch-screen of this structure to include four edges along the display surface of display, and the infrared of vertical and horizontal arrangement in a certain order receives the pipe array;

  • Respectively with above-mentioned array in each two groups of analog switch array being connected of emission and corresponding receiving tube thereof only;

    The scanning generator that is connected, produces the instruction of switching sequence break-make with analog switch array;

    And be of coupled connections with the signal processing circuit of infrared receiving tube corresponding simulating switch arrays public output;

    And one be connected with the input/output port of host computer, and be connected, control the microcomputer system of above-mentioned all part synchronous workings respectively with each part mentioned above, and be used in the described microcomputer system that the scanned infrared emission receives pipe, judges whether that touch event takes place, includes storer, infrared emission receives the address counter of pipe, the structure or the device of scan cycle controller by I/O mouth line;

    It is characterized in that;

    At the driving input end of the described analog switch that is connected with infrared transmitting tube, be connected with a drive current restricting circuits or element;

    And in described signal processing circuit, also be connected with a numerical control gain amplifier and an A/D transducer;

    Numerical control gain amplifier input terminal and signal processing circuit are of coupled connections, and the analog input end of output terminal and described A/D transducer is of coupled connections, and described numerical control gain Amplifier Gain control end is connected with the I/O mouth line of microcomputer system;

    The I/O mouth line of the data output end of A/D transducer and microcomputer system is of coupled connections;

    In the storer of the inside of the microcomputer of described infrared touch panel, also include following structure or device;

    A. obtain at each infrared emission is received the signal intensity that receiving tube in the pipe is exported, at the upright device at the control table of described numerical control gain Amplifier Gain of the memory built of described microcomputer, this device comprises;

    A storage unit that stores the reference value of amplitude setting, infrared receiving diode output photosignal;

    Read and store data fetch device and storage unit from the A/D transducer;

    The comparer that will compare from the data and the described reference value of described A/D transducer;

    In conjunction with the existing yield value of described numerical control gain amplifier, the result of described comparer output is carried out computing, adjust described numerical control gain Amplifier Gain controlling value, make and adjust the back, be amplified to the arithmetical unit of reference value by the photosignal value of this numerical control gain amplifier amplification and the infrared receiving diode after the A/D conversion;

    Store the output of described arithmetical unit with each to the corresponding gain control value of infrared emission receiving tube, have a particular address several constitute the storage unit of gain control tabulation;

    B. regulate the device of numerical control gain Amplifier Gain, this device comprises;

    Read and store data fetch device and storage unit from the A/D transducer;

    With infrared emission and the scan address that receives pipe, with this address analyzing device that address of the storage unit at the gain control data place of pipe is associated in the described gain control tabulation;

    Described gain control data is transported to the output unit of the I/O port that microcomputer system is connected with described numerical control gain Amplifier Gain control end.

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