Radial fan wheel, fan unit, and radial fan arrangement

Radial fan wheel, fan unit, and radial fan arrangement

  • CN 100,458,178 C
  • Filed: 03/04/2004
  • Issued: 02/04/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/04/2003
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of centrifugal fan device comprises as lower member:

  • One has a centrifugal fan of taking over a business (3) and a chassis that comprises suction port (5) and takes turns, described two dishes are connected to each other by blade (2), described blade extends vertically and tilts against the sense of rotation of impeller of blower from the inboard to the outside, wherein said blade has outward edge (8), describedly take over a business to have identical diameter with the chassis, wherein extend the outer peripheral outer peripheral areas (7 of blade,

         14) taking over a business and chassis (3,1) goes up formation, and form the sidewall of ring-type diffusion space (16), described ring-type diffusion space does not have blade and has the external diameter (DN) that exceeds the effective diameter (DSa) 8% to 25% that the described outward edge by described blade forms, make described ring-type diffusion space its first side by take over a business to define and its opposite side define by the chassis and between have free space, the sidewall of wherein said ring-type diffusion space on the cross section be homogeneous and parallel to each other and radially outward make described diffusion space (16) have the shape of cross section of rectangle;

    And radially contiguous with diffusion space district'"'"'s band, described district band does not comprise direct influence the flow through hydrodynamic pressure of described district band and/or the air guide of velocity distribution;

    Centrifugal fan wheel idle running this means that it does not enclose in the spiral casing, but is located in the blower drum that is cuboid.

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