• CN 100,511,873 C
  • Filed: 01/08/2004
  • Issued: 07/08/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/09/2003
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. socket is characterized in that possessing:

  • at one end side is provided with other Wiring equipment and the housing installed simultaneously on the installing frame that connects the Wiring equipment that uses;

    Another of being partial to this surface of shell is distolateral and form, and the ternary pin that inserts the 3-phase plug with two charging pin and grounding legs inserts mouthful;

    Lay respectively at each pin and insert the jack spring of the inboard of mouth;

    The terminal board that connects each jack spring respectively, among described ternary pin inserts mouth, the pin that inserts grounding leg inserts the centre that mouth is configured in described surface of shell, and the pin that inserts grounding leg insert mouthful with described other Wiring equipment between distance insert another distolateral distance of mouth and this surface of shell greater than the pin that inserts the charging pin, make pin insert when inserting plug in the mouth, plug can not interfered described other Wiring equipment, near two terminals that are connected in the charging pin, implement to represent the mint-mark of polarity respectively with concaveconvex shape, described installing frame has the sized opening portion that formation is exposed the surface of Wiring equipment substantially fully, with distolateral to described back side of shell of the terminal arrangement of the power supply that is connected described each terminal board and accepts respectively from the outside to come, connect the charging pin of described 3-phase plug and the described jack spring and the terminal board of grounding leg respectively and form one, configuration direction in the described housing of each integrally formed product of described jack spring and terminal board, be mutual same direction, L utmost point side terminal around the electric wire inserting hole of one side'"'"'s side, N utmost point side terminal around the electric wire inserting hole of the opposing party'"'"'s side, earth terminal around the electric wire inserting hole is located substantially on the straight line for two side directions above the body of described housing.

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