Household pressure cooker for food with opening security system

Household pressure cooker for food with opening security system

  • CN 100,522,015 C
  • Filed: 02/28/2005
  • Issued: 08/05/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/27/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of home appliances that is used at the bayonet closure of pressure cooking, be provided with lid (2) that has lid handle (8) and the pot (1) that has pot handle (7), lid (2) and lid handle (8) thereof can rotate freely with respect to pot (1) and pot handle (7), and described handle (7 when described utensil is in closed condition, 8) being intended to be placed to one places on another, described utensil has locking/unlocking system (10), and it comprises:

  • Safety valve (11), it is mounted to go up between leak position and sealing station at lid (2) and moves,Safety pin (13) with control bottom (17), described safety pin (13) is installed on the lid handle (8), can between first and second stop positions, resilient radial slide, thereby be suitable for allowing safety valve (11) freely-movable at first stop position, and stop safety valve (11) to move to its sealing station from its leak position at second stop positionSafety pin, (13) blocking device, (20), it can make safety pin, (13) stop at second stop position, it comprises the locking flange on the one hand, (21), be mounted at safety pin, (13) go up and resilient movement between resting position and depressed position, and comprise that on the other hand locking supports flange, (25), be arranged on the lid handle, (8) on, described locking flange, (21) and described locking support flange, (25) be intended to described therein locking flange, (21) be under the state of its resting position and cooperatively interact, thereby guarantee safety pin, (13) remain on its second stop positionBe arranged on the flip flop equipment (30) on the pot handle (7), thereby when described lid handle (8) during near the closed position of this lid handle (8), this flip flop equipment (30) makes described locking flange (21) move to the depressed position of this locking flange (21), allowing this locking flange and locking to support thus breaks away from flange (25), and safety pin (13) is unclamped, this safety pin returns elastically its first stop positionGroove (32), it is contained in the pot handle (7), and when safety pin (13) was in first stop position, control bottom (17) was inserted in this groove,It is characterized in that described locking/unlocking system (10) comprises and be used for the control device opened of safety that this device comprises;

    Keep edge (33), with groove (32) in abutting connection with and be arranged to when safety pin (13) is in its first stop position, form against the backstop of control bottom (17), thereby prevent that handle (7,8) from rotating relatively along the direction (F3) of opening utensil,Actuating device, it is connected with safety pin (13) function, allow control bottom (17) to shift out groove (32) on the one hand, thereby make handle (7,8) in one is with respect to another rotation and open utensil, allow blocking device (20) to automatically reset on the other hand, and this is to realize like this, make lid handle (8) in opening procedure, be enough to make locking flange (21) to move apart the angle (α

    ) of flip flop equipment (30) from its of closed position skew, and make described locking flange turn back to its elastic rest position, described locking flange supports with locking flange (25) is matched in this position, so that safety pin (13) is locked in its second stop position.

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