Distribution photometer

Distribution photometer

  • CN 100,557,392 C
  • Filed: 04/16/2007
  • Issued: 11/04/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/16/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of distribution photometer comprises first pedestal (1), is provided with second pedestal (2) on the opposite of first pedestal (1), is respectively equipped with first rotary centerline (3) and second rotary centerline (4) that are on the same horizontal line on two pedestals;

  • First pedestal (1) is provided with light source bolster (5), arm (6) is housed on the described light source bolster (5), the other end of described arm (6) is provided with the device of rotation driving (9) that measured light (7) is rotated around the axis of rotation (8) axis, the axis of the described axis of rotation (8) and first rotary centerline (3) intersect vertically, also being provided with on first pedestal (1) can be around the rotating shaft (10) of first rotary centerline (3) rotation, one end of described rotating shaft (10) and driving mechanism (22) link, the other end is connected with pivoted arm (11), end at described pivoted arm (11) is equipped with optical mirror (12), it is characterized in that;

    pivoted arm (11) is provided with first optical receiver (17) over against measured light (7);

    Second pedestal (2) is provided with can be around second rotary centerline (4) rotation and the rotating mechanism (16) that can rotate synchronously with pivoted arm (11), reception is arranged on the rotating mechanism (16) in the face of optical mirror (12) from measured light (7) and through second optical receiver (18) of optical mirror (12) beam reflected, and second rotary centerline (4) of the optical axis of second optical receiver (18) and rotating mechanism (16) forms an angle crossing.

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