A kind of processing method of Chenxiang Dancong tea

A kind of processing method of Chenxiang Dancong tea

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  • Filed: 12/22/2005
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1. the processing method of a Chenxiang Dancong tea, it is characterized in that:

  • comprise following processing step;

    select for use the bright leaf of the tender tip of Dan Congcha to make raw material, then complete, next step is to knead, the degree of kneading is tight straight broken with the bar rope, tea juice invests body surface and is as the criterion, next step is a raw material drying, dry back tea water content is between 9%~

    13%, then the Dan Congcha after the above-mentioned processing is pressed a level bunch behind sub-sieve, next step is pretreatment of raw material, the Dan Congcha raw material that above-mentioned bunch is good adds a certain amount of water and places moisture regain, then be to cover fermentation, the tea heap sealing of placing moisture regain is covered, the tea base is heated up to ferment, next step is turning, turning in 2~

    10 days once, the turning number of times is 4~

    9 times, next step is dry, the method that drying means behind the wet heap of tealeaves adopts low temperature drying seasoning or thorough cut to dry, the temperature of low temperature drying drying is controlled at 60 ℃

    70 ℃

    , the technology operation that thorough cut dries method is;

    when the tealeaves moisture more than 25%, must every day thorough cut once, the tealeaves moisture is at 14%~

    20% o'"'"'clock, intersects out the ridge back and forth to dry every 3-5 days, can change the storage ageing until the tealeaves water content at 13% o'"'"'clock, the refining classification of the good Chenxiang Dancong tea of drying, dress wraps into the storehouse and gets final product at last.

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